Jellycat Toy Company

Award-winning delivery from Pexhurst: this project received two national awards and one local award recognising superior design and execution. Project Completed in 2006

Project Manager

GVA Acuity






19 weeks

The Jellycat Toy Company is a leading luxury soft toy and lifestyle company. In their premises in West London, our task was to create an office complex from restoring an early 20th Century Grade II listed former courthouse and constructing a new contemporary extension facility on the adjacent site.

The highest standards of construction, top quality finishes and intricate attention to detail were key features of this project. We brought in a specialist stonework contractor for the stone floors and cladding.

Access to the site – a narrow residential street with almost no storage facilities – was extremely limited, so all materials had to be brought through from the front. This made the project landscaping even more challenging, as the materials for the sophisticated internal courtyard had to be carried through the buildings. The only exception was the mature olive tree that was delivered to complete the Mediterranean feel in this stylish space – that was lifted in by crane.

In many ways, this building is designed more like an art gallery, with a succession of surprising spaces and stylish distinctive design features, complementing the luxury products from Jellycat.