Threadneedle Investments

Full CAT A Refurbishment including common areas and reception .

Project Manager



Spratley Studios


Kensington Village


£1.8 Million


20 Weeks

The summary of works completed for Columbia Threadneedle Investments included the external and internal repair and refurbishment of all common areas over five floors, including front elevation, reception area, WC’s, stairwells and landings.

A full CAT A refurbishment of floors one, three, four and five saw improvements made to approximately 16,000 sq ft of open plan office space alongside 13 separate WC facilities, the building’s reception area, stair-core, two lifts, six lobbies and an external refresh of front elevation.

Our initial construction programme was 16 weeks for the 1st Floor CAT A, 3rd Floor CAT A and common parts and lifts. The client then added the 4th and 5th floor, which extended the overall programme to 34 weeks.

Detailing within the reception and wider communal areas included the use of high polished concrete floors and a mixture of walnut finishes and Corten steel cladding alongside Corten steel signage. A feature wall was also created within the reception area via a section of exposed brickwork, mirrored by the new external columns and a new glazed entrance façade.

To reach the full CAT A refurbishment throughout the building, each floor incorporated new exposed services and painted soffits. Sections of exposed ductwork and trunking were finished in a high polished aluminium casing.