Crown Estate

Refurbishment of a Grade 1 listed office building in one of London’s leading commercial districts, overcoming logistical and structural issues plus minimising noise and disruption, Pexhurst ensured the project flowed as smoothly as possible.

Project Manager







28 weeks

Pexhurst successfully refurbished an area of the Grade 1 listed Crown Estate in Central London. The refurbishment was undertaken internally with redecoration carried out to modernise the staircases, lifts and the main reception. Partial external refurbishment was also undertaken to some areas of the building to enhance its appearance. This included installing new main entrance doors and a bespoke granite ramp.

The existing ornate portico was also expertly repaired and cleaned using specialist techniques. Many of the floors remained occupied whilst work commenced which meant Pexhurst had to tackle several logistical issues in order to reduce disruption.

Due to a lack of storage space deliveries were also kept to a minimum so as to limit congestion to the building.Structural issues meant it was essential to gain access to the store below and every care was taken to make sure no goods were damaged. Specialist demolition techniques, dust extraction equipment and low noise
drilling and cutting were all implemented to make sure the project caused minimum disturbance whilst achieving the highest quality of work.