University of Hertfordshire

Main contractor, Pexhurst, has had another busy summer at the University of Hertfordshire. Work at the University in 2017 has seen them undertaking the construction and renovation of several different buildings across the university campuses.

With the works to be completed between the summer and autumn terms, the team at Pexhurst were up against a tight turnaround to ensure all facilities are ready for students and university staff to use.

Project Manager

Turner and Townsend


Sheppard Robson


Hatfield, Hertfordshire


£2 Million

The finished value of the projects combined is upwards of £2.2 million. The University Of Hertfordshire contractor Framework has played an important part in the university’s 2020 Estates Vision programme – a huge re-development plan that has seen vital new additions to the De Havilland Campus and the transformation of College Lane Campus in a way not seen for 50 years.

One of the projects included in this year’s developmental plan was the internal refurbishment of offices, and classrooms, to facilitate school moves from other locations around the university. The project was completed in six weeks.

Work also took place to refurbish Titan Court, a traditional CAT A office refurbishment over two floors of offices and attached washroom facilities, which took 12 weeks to complete.

A full CAT B refurbishment was also completed for a UOH tenants space, within the original CAT A project duration. Pexhurst also oversaw an external enabling and demolition works project and the creation of a new Optometry space for students.

The experienced Pexhurst delivery team, led by Director Stuart Byles, working with the university on this year’s projects included Robert Brazier, Ian Cox and John Ford and David Clowes.

Director at Pexhurst, Nick Tagliarini comments: “This marks another busy year of work with the University of Hertfordshire. We hope that the various projects completed this year will help to improve the quality of learning for students studying there.”