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The refurbishment of state-of-the-art life science and technology facilities

With advancements in science and technology constantly taking place, research and development facilities require dynamic and functional workspaces to truly allow researchers to free their minds and innovate to the highest possible standard.

At Pexhurst, we specialise in the refurbishment and renovation of life science and tech facilities across London and the south of England.

Projects are carefully planned to suit the individual requirements of our clients and our refurbishment and fit out solutions are fully adaptable to your every need. So, whether it’s a refurbishment project for a facility currently in operation or the fit out of a new controlled space, laboratory area, or specialist research facility, Pexhurst has the expertise and experience to provide the ideal solution.

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In any facility, health and safety is of paramount importance. This is no different in a life science and tech research facility.

As one of the leading refurbishment and fit out specialists, we understand the importance of designing safe, easy-to-navigate, and efficient science and tech facilities, especially when clients are dealing with potentially hazardous gases and materials in laboratory areas.

The majority of our science and technology refurbishment projects take place while the facility is in operation, meaning we have to utilise our experience and expertise to minimise disruption.

You’ll therefore have peace of mind in knowing that we will tailor our delivery programmes around your schedule and cause as little disruption to your facility as possible.

With decades of refurbishment and fit out experience, we’re able to offer a wide range of services, from a bespoke laboratory, to customer service training facilities.

No matter if you need space for a fume cupboard, specialist lift space or medical gas enclosure, we’ll take on board your specific requirements and tailor our service around your needs.

At Pexhurst, we specialise in the refurbishment and fit out of life science and tech facilities across London and the south of England. In recent years, we have completed projects for clients in London, the Home Counties, Cambridge, Oxford, and the Midlands triangle.

Our geographical coverage includes areas as far north as Birmingham and the Midlands, as far east as Ipswich, as far south as Portsmouth and as far west as Bristol.

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