The Future is Bright, The Future is Industrial

Pexhurst had a great time sponsoring the RICS Industrial Warehousing and Logistics Conference earlier this week!

Engaging talks led by numerous professionals in the industry discussed the predicted impact of Brexit, E-commerce, Last Mile Logistics and the Robotisation of the Supply-Chain.

The Senior Economist at the RICS explained the presumption that SMEs won’t be that badly affected by Brexit and that Industrial is outperforming other property sectors at 16.4%, as compared to a sub-standard 0.5% for Retail. This largely is due to an increase in online shopping. The inference is that by 2028, online spend share will equate to 53% which will require an additional 150M sq ft to 200M sq ft of warehousing!

Nick, Kayla and Dan all found the Future of Logistics and Tech Trends seminar to be the most thought-provoking. Discussing the possibility of self-driving cars, drones being used for infrastructure development and the prediction of agility robots replacing courier drivers in the very near future!

Pexhurst had a great day and are very much looking forward to sponsoring the next RICS Building Surveyors Conference in March.