Investing in the long-term

Long-term growth over short-term gain

At Pexhurst we are proud to have built an organisation that prioritises the long-term and invests in the future. Many companies within the construction industry are characterised by a conservative corporate culture and mindset, one that prioritises short-term gain over long-term growth.

Despite being part of a sector grounded in traditional methods, at the forefront of our approach is our people. Enlisting and managing the right talent has been the key to our longevity and will become even more important as we recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

But what exactly does this look like in practice?

Communication is key 

Effective workplace communication is central to all our business goals. Two-way communication, via formal and informal methods, plays an essential role in our comprehensive communication strategy. By listening to our people and understanding their needs, we are able to address any issues they may have.

This ultimately leads to higher levels of trust across our team. And with increased trust comes a greater sense of self-responsibility, and a greater sense of alignment in striving towards common goals; explaining why 60% of our team have seen over 10 years with Pexhurst!

A culture of continuous learning and development 

Learning and development is particularly important in construction, given the industry’s ever-changing nature of skills and technologies. At Pexhurst, we have integrated continuous learning and development into our culture through internal programmes and partnerships with external training institutions.

Our comprehensive apprenticeship scheme is just one of the ways we have created a culture of continuous development. At Pexhurst, we are proud to offer fully funded training and education alongside paid hands-on learning, where individuals are given the opportunity to learn a wide range of new skills and techniques while familiarising themselves with the business by following our bespoke Pexhurst training plan.

Apprenticeships and trainees are vital for our future; attracting and retaining talented individuals that will enable change and foster innovation is critical to ensuring our business momentum continues for years to come. 

Many of our site workers have studied for and achieved their Level 3 and 4 Diploma in Construction Site Management and those who have also achieved their HNC in Construction Management.

We’ve supported many of our head office employees through further education too, such as master degrees in marketing and aiding Senior Buyer Michael Munroe and Senior Estimator Kevin O’Malley on their journey in becoming Chartered Construction Managers MCIOB earlier this year.

Michael and Kevin MCIOB to the left and Charlie and Dan our trainees to the right

Investing in our image

In a market as fiercely competitive as construction, creating a distinctive brand is fundamental in separating us from the competition. Through long-term investment in our marketing efforts and team, we have created a more dynamic and purpose-driven business. 

Our latest ‘Gift Pax from Pexhurst’ charitable campaign during which we raised £1,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust is a prime example of how we’re thinking outside of the box, while also prioritising two of our most important assets: our clients and colleagues (read more here).  Director Nick Tagliarini explains “As well as maintaining strong, open and engaging relationships with our existing customers, opening new doors of opportunities when the right occasion presents itself is also a key priority for us and as a result is at the heart of all that we do.”

Some highlights from our 'Gift Pax from Pexhurst' campaign for Teenage Cancer Trust

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