Q&A: Working Together to Overcome Challenges

Mark Huttlestone, Associate Director, oversaw the £1 million refurbishments of a mid-terrace industrial unit within 10 terraced units at Eldon Way Industrial Estate, Paddock Wood. Here, Mark provides a behind-the-scenes insight into the work undertaken.

How big was the team involved in delivering this project?  
We had around 20 different contractors and a permanent site-based manager.

What went well?
This project was a great example of the strong relationships we pride ourselves on at Pexhurst. Our internal teams worked harmoniously with the client team and contractors, ensuring excellent finishes throughout the new unit and a brilliant result for our clients. The repairs to the substantially damaged floor slab proved especially successful.

What are you proudest of in relation to this project? 
I’m particularly proud of how we all worked together to overcome the challenges related to the build.

What were some of the challenges you encountered and how did you overcome them?
There were some design issues during demolition related to the structure and temporary support for the adjacent properties but, thankfully, the steel fabrication team was very proactive in resolving these in a timely manner.

Also, because the unit was being built amongst a number of other tenants – small commercial business with storage and office facilities – working on the roof areas and spraying the elevations proved to be a challenge, particularly when it came to installing safety netting, accessing roof lights and maintaining a water-tight membrane. To help overcome this, we had to assess the situation on a daily basis, for example, there were some days where we needed to stop work because of high winds. To help keep tenants on side, we maintained regular contact with them and issued newsletters about the work taking place. 

What project management tools and technology were used?
We used Procore for technical reporting, RFI notifications, photo records and site management tools. We also used Project for programming and PowerPoint for tenant reports.

What feedback has been provided?
The client was really pleased with all of our hard work and dedication to this project, and they look forward to working with us in the future.

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