Pexhurst Supports Cancer Trust

Pexhurst is a long-standing supporter of the Teenage Cancer Trust, with MD Martin Vella being credited as a Gold Benefactor in the charity’s substantial list of supporters.

The Teenage Cancer Trust exists to raise awareness of the particular needs of teenagers with cancer and helps to fund specific research and facilities set up for this group.

Support for the charity is part of Pexhurst’s broad-ranging programme of charitable support. The company has a strong community focus and many of the organisation it chooses to support relate to the positive development of young people.

“As a parent myself, I can only imagine the impact that cancer must have on teenagers and their family” is how Martin expresses his personal interest. “What I really like about the Teenage Cancer Trust is that it always points out that teenagers with cancer are still teenagers and need to get the right support to make sure they can still have a teenage life while undergoing treatment.”

“It’s a hugely worthwhile organisation – and I would recommend anyone to take a look at what it does: you are sure to be impressed.”