Pexhurst Commended for Their Excellent Work at the University of Hertfordshire

In 2012 Pexhurst were commended for their outstanding work on a £1million project at the University of Hertfordshire.

The project posed many challenges for Pexhurst who were tasked with refurbishing the atrium of the university into a habitable place for students.

“Logistically we had to be very careful,” said Project Manager, Rob Brazier.

“The university never really shuts down but it’s obviously quieter in the summer so we had to make sure the majority of work was undertaken during this time. This meant we were working 24/7 to get the project completed on time”.

“We closed in the space and built it up to current building regulation standards, adding heating, a mezzanine floor, transit space and corridors, in turn making it a comfortable place for students to sit down and relax.”

A spokesperson from the University of Hertfordshire said:

“Pexhurst have done an excellent job. They worked closely to meet the time restrictions in place and have delivered a fantastic space for our students; we’re already seeing the benefits. We’ve had excellent feedback from both students and teachers.”