Let’s talk learning at work

At Pexhurst, employee training and education are vital pieces of our company growth model. We understand investing in our teams personal and professional growth is not only crucial for building a balanced, successful workplace but also in ensuring they are excited and motivated to come to work.

Here, we speak to four team members about their learning and development experiences. 

Nick Tagliarini – Director, achieved a 2:1 in his Master of Science in Strategic Marketing from The University of Hertfordshire in 2008

How did you find studying for a master’s degree whilst working full time?

At times it was challenging, especially due to a lot of the programme being delivered over weekends, so balancing home life with work and study took careful planning. Fortunately, work and home were very supportive – you just need to put the hours in, along with some social nights out to take a break!

That said, it was one of the most rewarding experiences in my education journey. I had the opportunity to meet people from all different backgrounds, experiences, and working together to achieve the qualification was really enjoyable. I am still in touch with some of the people I studied with today, 13 years on…

Charlie Hazeltine – Assistant Site Manager, working towards his Level 4 HNC in Construction and the Built Environment

How important is learning at work to you?

It is so important in order for me to develop my career.  Personally, learning at work has helped to develop my skills at a faster pace than the academic route and for the role I’m in, I’d highly recommend learning on the job over the classroom where possible.

Since joining Pexhurst back in September 2018, I have been lucky enough to work with a very knowledgeable team who have taken the time to ensure I gain the most out of my working day. Being able to be on the job and learn at the same time has developed my skills and taught me how to overcome real life problems. These are the lessons I take from job to job.

Dan Beadle – Assistant Site Manager, working towards a Bsc (Hons) in Construction Management Level 6

What doors has learning at work opened up for you? 

Learning at work has enabled me to develop a growth mindset. I am now used to adapting to changes and exploring solutions to the problems I am faced with on site. The combination of learning in my degree and real-life experiences in the workplace has not only developed my theoretical knowledge but planning and communication skills. Learning whilst working has enabled me to understand the concepts I have studied and see them applied in real-life scenarios.

Ashley Williams – Assistant Site Manager, working towards his NVQ Level 4 in Construction Site Supervision

How important is it to work for an employer that supports your learning and development?

Working for an employer that supports and guides you in the right direction regarding learning and education is vital, not only to help build competence and knowledge but also to help improve on a day-to-day basis. And having a colleague within the company which you can turn and talk to whenever needed is crucial.  This plays a massive part in confidence building and helps share knowledge throughout the business and the industry more broadly.

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