Other Services


Pexhurst have a detailed understanding of construction, refurbishment and fit-out, especially when it comes to medical facilities. Providing superior and durable interiors is paramount in Healthcare. This sector is one we have worked on in-depth, considering aspects such as hygiene and cleanliness, along with contained work that will not adversely affect the specialist equipment on site. This requires expert planning, design and delivery to ensure that the medical facility can keep on running to capacity whilst work is undertaken. Also, working closely with primary stakeholders is essential, in order to manage expectation, as in almost all medical buildings we need to work around people most of the time.


Over many years of carrying out restoration projects, we have become experts in the field, working on all manner of listed buildings that hold historic significance. Our relevant experience means we are well versed in specific techniques and processes required to protect and preserve the character of the buildings we are commissioned to restore, whether Grade 1 or Grade 2 listed. Our long experience in restoration projects stands us in good stead to deliver consistently high-quality results for our clients.

Design and Build

Our design and build capabilities, that we have supplied to many clients over the years, have ensured we have a reputation for quality, professionalism and delivering ambitious projects. We are adept at translating or leading your design ideas into workable, practical builds, and have a wealth of knowledge to draw from that will enable us to turn your design into reality.


All of our expert craftsmen are compliant in space utilisation and BIM (Building Information Modelling). Where projects would benefit from using BIM, we have strong partnering arrangements in place to allow us to identify projects that would benefit from it. Key drivers are project complexity and effective use of the model for process management and, post-completion building management.