Specialist refurb project win for Pexhurst

Pexhurst is currently working on a large domestic property in North London which they won in competitive tender.

The house, situated near Willesden Green, will be converted to allow its disabled occupant easy access to facilities internally and externally.

Stripped of its original features the house will have low level worktops, hoists, lifts and a specialist bathroom installed to make daily activities for carers and the tenant as easy as possible.

"This is a particularly specialist project", says Pexhurst Contracts Manager Mike Luff.

"It is being funded by a trust which is administered by a solicitor. Their key concerns were quality and the programme of works, so Pexhurst has had to undergo extensive searches to make sure our services are of an extremely high quality."

"The solicitors were impressed with their findings, so the work started on July 4th 2012.

"Hopefully after we finish the tenant’s quality of life will improve as they should find day to day activities much easier."

The project was completed in early September.