Pexhurst assessed as "strong”

In its most recent survey of 1000 construction companies in the UK, the prestigious Plimsoll market intelligence agency gave Pexhurst a rating as "strong" its highest rating.

In a challenging market, where the same report identified 213 companies as being "in financial danger" and with a record number reporting a loss, this is a significant achievement.

Pexhurst, independently owned since its foundation in 1977, has always had a commitment to strong financial management. This is reflected in the company’s measured and consistent growth over the last ten years – an upward curve that is being maintained even in the current challenging circumstances.

"Maintaining our financial security is absolutely key for Pexhurst and always has been" is MD Martin Vella’s observation. "Anyone who does the standard credit checks on us will know that, but it is always gratifying to see a third party identifying our strength as a company."