Giromax Blog

We recently began using an innovative new product, GiroSil Roof Coat RC, on our projects. It is used in the refurbishment and protection of commercial roofing and cladding; a key aspect of our work for clients.

For many years, we have worked with products which have had practical limitations, such as minimum temperature, moisture and primer requirements. This new product boasts many areas of benefit, including being solvent free, fully moisture tolerant and UV resistant. As well as having improved temperature stability and impact resistance.

By utilising the latest industry innovations and technical improvements, we are able to provide clients with the highest-quality work, in the most cost-effective way possible. Keeping Pexhurst at the industry forefront.

As a contractor, a considerable proportion of our work is based on rejuvenating existing structures and materials. Roofing is an example of such work, and it’s been a breakthrough to find an innovative new product that supports our work in an effective way.

As any contractor will know, the inability to apply a liquid coating on cold December days can be the cause of serious delays. However, GiroSil’s improved application potential allows us to avoid weather-related delays entirely, on this type of work. These technical improvements allow for progress on days which would have once been viewed as non-productive – speeding up our critical pathway.

Subsequently, we have been able to alleviate time-pressures on our projects, by working through sub-standard weather, which is great news for our clients. The other time-saving factor is our ability to apply this product directly to the existing base material. Some surfaces are of course always troublesome, but we are finding that for the majority of our work, a single coat of GiroSil Roof Coat RC can be applied directly to the surface for an effective result.

We have recently used this product to complete a large industrial refurbishment in Eastleigh, Hampshire, for client, Paloma Capital. As part of our work to complete the full refresh of the unit, alterations were required to restore the roof’s integrity, ready for new tenants. For this, we utilised GiroSil Roof Coat RC, to ensure a high-quality and timely completion. As can be seen in our HD drone footage, this unit’s roof has been rejuvenated to look almost brand new.

To see exactly how much value Giromax is bringing to us as a firm, be sure to view the HD drone footage of this project at: https://vimeo.com/276058668